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calculate money for college

Let's Talk Money for College

Do you have enough money for college? That's a big worry for many students and parents. But by calculating, budgeting and planning your college aid needs, you can find the funds you need for school.

Your first step is estimating how much funds you need. Then review options on where to raise additional money for school.

First, Estimate Your College Costs

Tuition check your school for the cost of tuition
Books/Fees estimate the number of books-fees per class
Room/Board estimate your cost for housing, food and living
Transportation include transportation cost to and from school
Computer determine if you need the use of a computer
include any other education-related costs

Next, Estimate What Money You Now Have

Stafford Loans enter amounts for Stafford student loans that you have
PLUS Loans enter amounts for PLUS loans, if any
Scholarships-Grants enter amount of grants and scholarships awarded
Other Gift-Aid enter state, community and private aid funding
Prepaid Tuition enter funds from prepaid tuition and 529 plans
Personal Savings enter savings from work, family, gifts, and other

Now, Calculate Your Money Position

Total Cost of Attendance $
Current Funds Available $
Additional Funds Needed $
  need additional funds for college
private student loans

Need Money for School ...

... to pay for tuition, housing, computer, and other related college expenses

you can get as much as you need for college . . . 2

... and save money, build credit, and pay off your loan faster!

  • low $25 fixed payments while in school and for 6 months after graduation.
  • that could save more than $6,000 1 as compared to a traditional 15-year payment deferred private student loan.
  • It's an ideal solution for funding up to 100% of your total cost of attendance 2 if you still need money for college.

The SayStudent Private Student Loan can be your money source for paying college expenses. It is an excellent way to get high end supplies like Dell printers and computers.

apply for private student loans

Need More Information

you can link to our private student loan module for a complete information on how private student loans can pay for education.

or dial toll FREE: 1-866-813-7760
our loan specialists can answer questions and product information -
no obligation whatsoever

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budget college expenses

Make Sure to Budget Your Spending

Just because you can borrow money doesn't mean you need to spend it all. Be careful with your spending so that you borrow only the money you need.

Our recommendation is to build a budget plan for college. Budget your aid sources and your monthly spending amounts. The budgeting plan will maintain a daily cash position for the academic year.

see our module on building a college budget

other financial aid options

Other Financial Aid Options

View other available financial aid options:


Legal Information:

1 $25/month fixed payment repayment option is available for new loan applications initiated on or after June 28, 2010, and is subject to change.  The savings example uses approximated numbers, is for informational purposes only and is an example of loan terms available through the Smart Option Student Loan. Savings is based on the following assumptions: A Smart Option Student Loan made to a freshman borrower at a degree granting institution of $10,000 with two disbursements and a 10.05% APR [Interest rate of LIBOR + 10.375% (LIBOR of 0. 375% as of 11/26/2010) and no origination fee or disbursement fee]. APR may increase after consummation. Repayment consists of 51 fixed $25/month payments (in-school period of 45 months plus separation period of 6 months), followed by 119 principal and interest payments of $179.79 per month and one payment of $115.65 for total payments of $22,786 (finance charge of $12,786). Compare against a traditional 15-year private student loan for $10,000 where payments are deferred during school and grace periods, an estimated APR of 9.97% and repayment consisting of 179 principal and interest payments of $162.11 per month and one payment of $41.83 (following a 45-month in-school period and 6-month grace period, after which accrued interest is capitalized) for total payments of $29,060 (finance charge of $19,060). 

2 Borrow up to the cost of attendance (minimum $1,000) as certified by your school and confirmed by Sallie Mae, less other financial aid received.  Sallie Mae reserves the right to approve a lower loan amount than what the school has certified.