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Student College Needs

applying for student credit cards

What's Needed to Apply

A clean credit report!
That is what's needed to apply for almost all credit cards. A clean credit report will not have any account delinquencies or bankruptcies.

Since many students are new to the credit world, they may qualify for most cards at limited credit amounts. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

FREE view of your credit history report


Application Options

  1. Search for the card that you would like to use. Go ahead and submit your application for that card.

  2. If you are approved for the card, congratulations! You can now begin building your credit management skills. Review our managing credit card use for information.

  3. If you have been turned down for the card, try applying for your 2nd choice card. If you are turned down for that card, you may have something on your credit report that is not right. Get a FREE review of your credit history report.

  4. Contact the card company for information why you were turned down. They are required by law to furnish you information regarding their credit decision.

  5. If your credit status is not acceptable, your best chances are applying for a pre-paid card or secured credit card. You can enjoy the same benefits of a card and use your pre-paid or secured card to improve your credit status.

About Credit Information

We invite you to link over to our credit management center to review information about credit reports and credit management. View tips on building your credit, maintaining your credit, and repairing your credit.

Note that good credit is required for employment, low rates on mortgage loans and other credit financing, and approval on many consumer requests. So learn what you need to keep your credit score high.

For Students Building Their Credit

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